1900HRS (UK) Stuart Bowditch – A place, and time for everything…
Stuart has been a musician for 20 years and a DJ for 12 of those. His DJ sets are as diverse as his musical output, which has spanned from grindcore and punk to ambient and techno. As well as supporting new and upcoming music, on a variety of formats, he’ll also be playing the occasional live set from either of his current projects, Hybernation or USRNM.

Part 1

Keith Fullerton Whitman – track3a (2waynice) [Kranky]

Ø – Anksiolyytti [Sähkö]

Thomas Köner– Andenes – [Type]

BJ Nielsen and Stillupsteypa – Big Shadow Montana [The Helen Scarsdale Agency]

Porn Sword Tobacco – Copyright the Universe [City Centre Offices]

Tortoise – Cobwebbed [Thrill Jockey]

Rome Pays Off – Song Twenty Three [Trace Recordings]

Christopher Willets – Olancha Hello [Kompakt]

Rafael Anton Irisarri – Milano [Futuresequence]

Witxes – The Reason (Avant Take) [Futuresequence]

Little Penguin Live Set



Chow Pt.2

Chow Pt.1


Puce Moment


Part 2

Floating Points – Sais [Eglo]

Ena – Sign [7even]

Ghosting Season – Exercise Us [Futuresequence]

Inigo Kennedy – Ihana [Semantica]

Architectural – Peacetime [Semantica]

Sandwell District – Grey Cutout [Sandwell District]

Tomas Rubeck – Mono Conspiracy (Raimo Re-Dub) [Lampuka]

Zadig – Dark Nebula (Kenny Larking Remix) [Syncrophone]

Woo York – Void (Truncate Remix) [Mutex]

Mark E – Oranges (Space Dub) [Ghostly]

Monaque – Dos 3000 (Quivver Remix) [microCastle]

USRNM – Tru Say [Photogram]

Lachrylic – Sundrone [Courier]

Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy [WARP]