06.11.13 Rob Tocknell
2100HRS (UK) the Soup Sessions welcome return with Rob Tocknell… Rob is a bit more organised since his début last year… playing a random load of old tunes gathered from just about every genre in his collection. Diversity to the point of hilarity. Some focus on sound and induced aural delight… plus a wafty load of old bollocks. Enjoy.

Rob is also the bright spark who ignited Johnny Russell into the forthcoming one off disco fest that is Shhhhhh! for anybody that knows who David Mancuso is and what The Loft was about, think Johnny the music and total depth and knowledge to inspire a room full of friends… Rob, the geeky sound head who worries about all the little gay things, like the venue, menu and guests. With a lot of brilliance, support and experience from Mark Smith… we bring you Shhhhhh! the sold out road block party! x