2000HRS (UK) the Smack Session… impromptu Jazzcast broadcasting Live from Ye Olde Smack Inn (Old Leigh) featuring the fabulous quartet Torus (Bass: Mick Sexton; Drums: Trevor Taylor; Tenner Sax: Gary Plumley; Keys: John Turville). During the intermission some beverage was accidentally spilt on the mixing desk, forcing the last half of the performance to broadcast using a two mic set-up only, but this in no way affects the quality of the music performed this night! A great night indeed and absolutely packed… Big thanks to the band, the great crowd and to the organiser of the night Annie… check out Live Jazz from Ye Olde Smack every Tuesday night… and watch this space for more Live Jazz performances. Enjoy!


From 06.12.11 Jazzcast with Torus. Posted by David Jazzy Dawson on 12/07/2011 (5 items)

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