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*Re:Brand + Re:Launch / Arrived 04.06.14 / is back online / Music is Love x
Radio Nova Lujon (NuDrum) | Soul Jazz Afro Funk Latin Disco Dance / that Africa groove, further and deeper…
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With over 70,000 Downloads to date & circa 3,000 Listeners a month!!

Home of the award winning Soup Sessions, where a true passion is the only passport required to music selections from some of the finest djs in the world, known or unknown, bringing you their passions Live on a friday night and turning the Soup Sessions into whatever journey they want to take you on! Enjoy the trip x

Re:Schedule / Soup Sessions // Coming up we have the Amazing talents of… Ashley Beedle / Jo Wallace / Jon Kennedy / Adamski / Tim Larke / Richio Suzuki / Crispin Dubbed Dior / Rebecca Vasmant + more +++ Watch this Space x Welcome back to the Soup Sessions xxJoin us for this and other great new regular shows coming your way on

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*On a personal note i would like to send Big Love to all the djs, producers, supporters, contributors, musicians, record labels, promotors, brothas & sistas, dancers, anoraks, vibesters and wine lovers all over the world… and mostly to you – the discerning listener – who make it all worthwhile x
Peace + Love Xx
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Radio Nova Lujon

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