2100HRS (UK) the Soup Sessions ‘Pop Culture Care Package’ with Legendary Dj Neil Queen-Jones (I Love What I’m Doing, Blow Up, Spooky Tooth, The Periphery)… Stay tuned and watch this space ;) x

DJ, promoter and film & music critic Pop Culture Care Package’s Neil Queen-Jones has vainly tried to mask his shortcomings at them all. Starting out as a DJ in the golden era of the Manchester Baggy scene, he gamely applied a populist party ethic to all manner of genre, from indie to breaks to northern soul to party hip hop to pop trash, at clubs like I Love What I’m Doing, Blow Up, Spooky Tooth and The Periphery, before realising that being a writer meant that you didn’t have to do your back in lugging a dirty great record box. Since switching to the writing game, he’s been a film & music critic for The Times, and been published in Dazed & Confused.