2100HRS (UK) the Music Room! Come in, take off your coat and please be seated in the most comfortable armchair. The Music Room is a brand new broadcast made for Radio Nova Lujon compiled and hosted by Wiz and Darren. It features classical music from a wide variety of genres. Some people choose that most wearisome phrase ‘ highbrow’ when referring to classical music but we prefer to think like the composers did in their day that this music, though often commissioned by Royalty and the Church, was written for all to hear and enjoy. Your armchair will take you to many places through this programme from highly sublime masterpieces to the deep romance of the human heart. Whether you are a romantic, an impressionist or a minimalist , or a bit of everything , we hope there will be something you will enjoy while spending some time with us in the Music Room.


BROADCAST NOTE: Due to technical challenges on the night this show started an hour later than advertised! Enjoy x