30.04.11 OUTTASIGHT!!

30.04.11 OUTTASIGHT!!

2000HRS (UK) OUTTASIGHT!. A special live broadcast on Radio Nova Lujon promises to fire up what is already one of the sweetest, coolest little nights in the new Leigh repertoire, at the ultra-funky Squeeze Cafe, Leigh-on-Sea. Expect to hear the likes of Ray Charles, James Brown, Aretha Franklin and the like with… /// READ MORE // /
04.12.10 SHAKE! @ the Boogaloo

04.12.10 SHAKE! @ the Boogaloo

2030HRS (UK) SHAKE. at the boogaloo with Dean Chalkley, Si Cheeba & David Jazzy Dawson. A special night for Radio Nova Lujon sponsored by the Luborubber Company, NOT TO MISSED. Get down to the boogaloo, near Highgate tube, free before 10pm. Starts at 8.30pm x . /// READ MORE // /
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