23.02.18 2100HRS (UK) A Soup Sessions welcome return for Tony Levene in 2018… “Extremely delighted to be asked back by Soup Session Producer David Jazzy Dawson to do another session on Radio Nova Lujon. This will be my fourth time on the station and I’ve decided to explore the funkier – jazzier elements of music that I have been lucky enough to have played out over the years at various clubs bars and parties. I also plan to keep the duration down to about two hours… well that’s the plan anyway!

As those of you who know me or are familiar with what I play will know I’ve always had a broad taste in music as well as sometimes trying to represent this in my dj sets. I can remember some of my peers viewing my record boxes with some confusion and consternation having come across the likes of Primal Scream nestling next to James Brown, Madonna, The Clash, Ronnie Laws, Green Velvet and Burning Spear. But that’s just me all over!

Tony Levene @ Café Mambo 2004

However for this show I aim to try and behave and stick loosely to the funkier side of things with some hip hop thrown in and finishing off with some roots reggae.

A great deal of this music has also, probably unintentionally, stood the test of time as well. Also lyrically its mainly on a conscious tip. This has always been in the forefront of my mind when it came to finding music to play out. As they say ‘the message is in the music’ and from the beginning it was my intention to put together something with some substance when djing. Hopefully I went someway to achieving this and spreading up-full musical vibes – I will let the people be the judge of that.

I’ll be dropping tunes in various formats but mainly 12s and album cuts as well to fit more in. All of the music here on this show will have been played out as well, so its got history. If you’re not listening to the show live you can get it via the Radio Nova Lujon site in the Rewind section a few days after the broadcast. So push the chairs out the way and lets get into it! Love + Guidance”

Live from 9pm (UK)!