12.04.19 Soup Sessions with Marcus Agerman Ross 2100HRS (UK) A Soup Sessions first for Marcus Agerman Ross… he has worked in media and fashion for 20 years. Starting out at i-D magazine in the late 90s, he later worked at Vice before setting up Jocks & Nerds, a cultural magazine for men. He has also worked as a creative director, photographer, writer and lecturer. He is also, unsurprisingly, a DJ whose first forays were spinning drum n bass records on his 1200s as an art student in the early 90s.

His Soup Session will be an eclectic tour of some of the most interesting music already out (or about to come out) in 2019. He felt, with so much exciting music coming out currently, it would be appropriate to focus on contemporary music. Live from London 9pm (UK) #musicislove x